April 2018

Statesville Housing Authority's

April 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the first monthly e-newsletter from the Statesville Housing Authority (SHA).

Statesville Housing Authority is attempting to inform and educate our community about the many services available to not only its clients but also the community in general.

When most people hear the words Statesville Housing Authority (SHA) they immediately think of housing communities where low income folks live. There is so much more to SHA than just providing housing to low-income folks.

Because we don't know our neighbors most intimate details about finances, housing, etc. we never know if they need assistance.

In a series of e-newsletters we are going to inform and educate you about the many services offered by SHA. We appreciate your willingness to read our

e-newsletters and hope to make them as reader friendly, interesting and educational as possible. By clicking on the forward button you can inform and educate your friends, neighbors, co-workers and even family about the many services offered to not only SHA's clients but also to the general community.

As the instrumentality for SHA, the Iredell-Statesville Community Enrichment Corporation (ISCEC), a real estate management and development company, provides quality of life programs for members of the communities in which we operate. Since 1993, our strategic objective has been to enhance the Iredell-Statesville community by developing and supporting economical, educational, and peer-motivating opportunities for all.

The ISCEC mission is to provide resources necessary to empower individuals.



Iredell Statesville Community Enrichment Center (ISCEC), a nonprofit under the governance of Statesville Housing Authority, announces that the Carolina Youth Leadership Conference is offering free youth leadership opportunities this summer, July 13–15, 2018, at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. Youth must be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old and living in public housing or Section 8 housing.

Statesville Housing Authority will provide transportation and chaperones. Youth are encouraged to register. For more information please contact Shirley Jones at sjones@iscecinc.org.

The deadllne to register is

May 15, 2018.




Iredell-Statesville Community Enrichment Center (ISCEC), a nonprofit under the governance of Statesville Housing Authority

(SHA), proudly announces that scholarship opportunities are available for high school graduating seniors that live in public housing or tenants of the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8). Scholarships range

between $1000 and $1500.

For more information please contact 

Anya Morrison at amorrison@iscecinc.org.

The deadline to register is

May 3, 2018